How to Claim Wearable Rewards

Step-by-step guide

Congrats on buying a Premium Wearable. This guide will walk you through how to claim your weekly rewards.

Rewards are dropped weekly on Thursdays at 8pm ET (Fridays at midnight UTC).

After claiming your rewards, you must play at least once during the week to be eligible for the next reward drop. Your play requirement depends on which reward you select.

Hereโ€™s how to select and claim your weekly rewards.

Steps to Claim Your Wearable Rewards

Step 1: Head over to the Wearables page and select the Rewards tab.

Step 2: Select the reward you want to receive (Tickets, Bonus USDT, or Boosted Rakeback) and click Confirm. You can change this later.

Step 3: Click the Claim button to claim your rewards.

  • Tickets are automatically added to your Arcade balance.

  • Bonus USDT needs to be activated on your Casino Account page before playing.

  • Boosted Rakeback will be added to your Rakeback Tracker. After generating rake, you can add the USDT to your balance.

Step 4: After completing your play requirement, your reward page will update your eligibility.

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