The Metaverse coin of the people

Following a passed governance proposal, Decentral Games is migrating to the BAG token.

You can migrate your DG, xDG, and ICE tokens using the BAG Token Migration page.

BAG is the native utility, reward, and governance token of the Bag ecosystem:

  • Use BAG to play casino games, buy items, and unlock exclusive features.

  • Stack BAG to boost your cashback, referral, and Blast rewards.

  • Hold BAG to vote on key decisions and help shape the ecosystem's future.

To learn more about the BAG token, check out the BAG docs.

In-Game Currency

BAG is the native in-game currency for and the DCL casino.

Use BAG to play your favorite casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and cash poker. Securing the bag has never been more fun.

Boosted Rewards

Holding BAG gives you up to a 3x bonus multiplier on your cashback and referral rewards. The more BAG you hold, the more you earn.

To learn more, check out the Reward Tiers.


You can buy BAG from these exchanges:

Need help buying BAG? Follow our video tutorial.

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