Our flagship platform is a PWA (progressive web app) that can be played on any mobile or desktop browser.

You can choose your gaming experience by playing in the Bag City Metaverse or on a classic 2D interface.

Game environments are cross-play compatible. Bag City players and 2D players can play, chat, and socialize with each other across environments.

Bag City Metaverse

Bag City is an immersive 3D world where you can degen with your friends from home. Play as your favorite web3 avatar and get a social experience you canโ€™t find on any traditional casino platform.

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GameBag City2D

NL Texas Hold'em poker (6 max)

More games coming soon!

Accepted Currencies



Blast, Ethereum




Ethereum, Polygon


Blast, Ethereum

Withdrawals are supported for Blast only. The first time you withdraw, you must go through KYC verification and an account review. Account reviews can take 24-48 hours to process. Check out our FAQs for all info on deposits, withdrawals, and fees.

Public Cash Poker Tables

Currently, only public USD stablecoin games are available. To in other currencies or stakes, you can set up a private poker game.

  • Rake: 4%, max rake: $0.15

  • Min buy-in: $2

  • Max buy-in: $15

  • Rake: 4%, max rake: $0.75

  • Min buy-in: $10

  • Max buy-in: $75

  • Rake: 4%, max rake: $3

  • Min buy-in: $40

  • Max buy-in: $300

  • Rake: 4%, max rake: $7.5

  • Min buy-in: $200

  • Max buy-in: $750

Private Tables

Take your poker nights to the next level.

Using our Private Tables feature, you can host private poker games and earn rake! Setting up a game is easy, and you can set custom settings such as currency, blinds, and buy-ins. As a host, you can earn up to 30% of the rake from your games. The more BAG you hold, the more you earn.

To learn more, check out Private Tables.

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