Wearable Rewards

Overview of wearable rewards

Each week, you can choose to earn Bonus USDT or Tickets.

The amount of rewards you earn depends on your Premium Wearable’s reward bonus and how many wearables you own.

Reward Rate

The reward rate per wearable is: 3 x (1 + bonus %).

For example: If you own a Premium wearable with a 45% bonus, you’ll earn 4.35 Bonus USDT or Tickets each week (3 x 1.45).

Reward Drops

Rewards are dropped weekly on Thursdays at 8pm EST (Fridays at midnight UTC). Unclaimed rewards don't roll over to the next week.

Play Requirements

After claiming your rewards, you must play at least once during the week to be eligible for the next reward drop. Your play requirement depends on which reward you select.

  • Bonus USDT: Activate your casino bonus and bet any USDT amount in the Metaverse Casino. You can play blackjack, roulette, or Plinko. Cash poker doesn't count toward your play requirement.

  • Tickets: Enter at least 1 SNG tournament on Poker Arcade.

Wearable Bonuses

Premium Wearables have different ranks and reward bonuses ranging from 1% to 45%. See the table below for the ranks and bonus ranges.

As of April 2024: Wearable upgrades have been paused.

To get a Premium wearable with a higher reward bonus, you’ll need to buy one from the secondary market or trade with another player. Join our Discord to find players to trade with.

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