What Are Wearables?

Customize your avatar and earn weekly rewards

Wearables are virtual clothes you can use to customize your avatar and earn weekly rewards to play.

They come in various themes such as spartan, viking, pirate, chef, and more. Mix and match different pieces or collect a full set of your favorite outfit.

Wearables are NFTs: you own your items and youโ€™re free to do whatever you want with them. Equip, collect, transfer, trade, or sell them as your heart desires.

Wearable Types and Categories

There are 4 types of wearables with different perks:

  • Accessory: Aesthetics only.

  • Common Wearables: Aesthetics only.

  • Premium Wearables: Earn weekly rewards to play in the Metaverse Casino or Poker Arcade.

  • High Roller Wearables: Earn increased weekly rewards, get access to exclusive Discord channels, and more.

Wearable categories determine which body part itโ€™s equipped to.

  • Head

  • Upper Body

  • Lower Body

  • Handwear

  • Feet

  • Skin

You can only equip 1 wearable per category.

Premium Wearables

Premium Wearables earn you weekly rewards which you can use to play in the Metaverse Casino or Poker Arcade for free.

For reward rates and more info, check out Wearable Rewards.

High Roller Wearables

High Roller Wearables are limited wearables that give you a much higher reward bonus and unlock exclusive perks such as access to VIP discord channels and airdrops.

To learn more, check out High Roller Wearables.

How to Buy Wearables

You can buy Premium Wearables on OpenSea.

To buy a wearable, youโ€™ll need to use WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) on Polygon or you can check out using your card.

How to Claim Wearable Rewards

In your DG Account, you can view and claim your weekly rewards on your Wearable Rewards page.

If you need help, check out our guide.

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