What are wearables?

Wearables are virtual clothes you can use to customize your avatar and earn weekly rewards to play.

To learn more, check out Wearables.

What are Premium Wearables?

Premium Wearables earn you weekly rewards which you can use to play in the Metaverse Casino or Poker Arcade for free.

To learn more, check out Wearables.

What is the reward rate for Premium Wearables?

The amount of Premium Wearable rewards you earn depends on the wearableโ€™s bonus and how many wearables you own. The reward rate per wearable is: 3 x (1 + bonus %).

To learn more, check out Wearable Rewards.

When do Premium Wearable rewards drop?

Premium Wearable rewards are dropped weekly on Thursdays at 8pm EST (Fridays at midnight UTC).

Is there a limit to how many Premium Wearables I can own?

No, there's no limit to how many you can own.

What is the playing requirement for Premium Wearable rewards?

The playing requirement depends on which reward you select.

  • Bonus USDT: Activate your casino bonus and bet any USDT amount in the Metaverse Casino. You can play blackjack, roulette, or Plinko. Cash poker doesn't count toward your play requirement.

  • Tickets: Enter at least 1 SNG tournament on Poker Arcade. To learn more:

Do unclaimed Premium Wearable rewards roll over?

No, unclaimed Premium wearable rewards donโ€™t roll over.

What are High Roller Wearables?

High Roller Wearables are limited wearables that can only be acquired by owning a full set of rank 5 Premium Wearables from a single collection and holding BAG. These wearables give you a much higher reward bonus and unlock some exclusive perks.

To learn more, check out High Roller Wearables.

What are the reward bonuses for High Roller Wearables?

High Roller Wearable bonuses range from 50-150%. Check out High Roller Wearables for the bonuses for each item.

How do I get a High Roller Wearable?

To claim a High Roller Wearable, you must meet the following requirements listed on High Roller Wearables.

Can I buy a High Roller Wearable?

Yes, you can shop for High Roller wearables on OpenSea or by finding players to trade with in Discord.

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