What regions are not supported?
For the full list of restricted areas, check Non-Supported Regions.
How do I create an account?
You can create an account by clicking the Play Now button on our website. Before registering, you'll need to connect a digital wallet.
If you need help getting started, follow our video guide.
What's the minimum required age to play?
You must be at least 18 years old to play at the DG Casino.
What games can I play?
You can play blackjack, roulette, and cash poker.
What currencies can I use to play?
You can play at the DG Casino with:
  • $ICE
  • $USDT (coming soon)
Can I play for free?
Yes! You can play with FREE tokens.
All new users receive FREE tokens and you can earn more by hanging out in the DG Casino. We also hold Free Play competitions each week. Check out our event schedule to see when the next one is.
Do I need to download anything to play?
No, you can play in the DG Casino in your browser. However, we do recommend downloading the Decentraland client for better performance.
What hardware and system requirements are needed to play?
You can play on both Windows and Mac.
The minimum requirements differ depending if you’re playing on the browser or desktop client. The desktop client has lower requirements, as it’s not limited by the browser.
  • Minimum GPU: Intel HD/UHD 9th gen or equivalent
  • Recommended GPU: Geforce 900 series or equivalent
  • Minimum GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6700 series or equivalent
  • Recommended GPU: AMD Radeon RX 500 series or equivalent
  • Minimum GPU MEMORY: 1GB
  • Recommended GPU MEMORY: 4GB
  • Minimum RAM: 4GB
  • Recommended RAM 16 GB
Can I play on mobile?
No, the DG Casino is not currently available on mobile. However, you can play ICE Poker Arcade on any mobile browser.