Poker Arcade

What is the Poker Arcade?

The Poker Arcade is our mobile poker app where you can enter SNG poker tournaments to win big prizes like Apple Vision Pros, MacBooks, and more.

You can start playing for free and there are no region restrictions.

Is the Poker Arcade region restricted?

No. The Poker Arcade is not region-restricted and anyone from any region can play.

How do I start playing Poker Arcade?

Sign up on the Poker Arcade app.

Can I play Poker Arcade for free?

Yes! You can play Poker Arcade for free by playing Free Play mode.

You get a set number of free chips each day. Your chip count resets every day at midnight UTC.

What are Tickets?

Tickets are used to enter tournaments. Ticket entries for tournaments vary depending on the stakes.

What are Tournament Badges?

Tournament Badges are used to redeem prizes in the Arcade Prize Shop.

You win Tournament Badges by placing 1st and 2nd in SNG tournaments. The amount of badges you win depends on the Ticket entry for the tournament.

How do I buy Tickets?

You can buy Tickets by spending USDT on Polygon on the Poker Arcade app or your DG Account page.

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