Decentraland Casino

Decentraland Casino

This casino is located within the Decentraland Metaverse and drives over 60% of its total traffic.

You can play on your desktop browser or the Decentraland desktop client.

DCL Casino Games

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • NL Texas Hold'em poker (6 max)

  • Plinko

Accepted Currencies



Blast, Ethereum




Ethereum, Polygon


Blast, Ethereum

Withdrawals are supported for Blast only. The first time you withdraw, you must go through KYC verification and an account review. Account reviews can take 24-48 hours to process. Check out our FAQs for all info on deposits, withdrawals, and fees.

Cash Poker Tables

  • 25c/0.5c

    • Rake: 4%, max rake: $0.75

    • Min buy-in: $10

    • Max buy-in: $75

  • 50c/$1

    • Rake: 4%, max rake: $1.5

    • Min buy-in: $20

    • Max buy-in: $150

  • $1/$2

    • Rake: 4%, max rake: $3

    • Min buy-in: $40

    • Max buy-in: $300

  • 400/800

    • Rake: 4%, max rake: 1.2K BAG

    • Min buy-in: 16K BAG

    • Max buy-in: 120K BAG

  • 800/1,600

    • Rake: 4%, max rake: 2.4K BAG

    • Min buy-in: 32K BAG

    • Max buy-in: 240K BAG


Wearables are virtual clothes you can use to customize your avatar and earn weekly rewards.

If you own a Premium Wearable, you can earn USD casino bonuses every week which you can use to play in the Decentraland Casino. To learn more, check out Wearables.

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