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Casino bonuses are free credits you get from promotional offers, events, and more. Below is an overview of different bonuses and the requirements to unlock your funds.

Types of Casino Bonuses

  • Welcome bonus: Get a 100% match on your first deposit, up to โ‚ฌ400.

  • Wearable bonus: Get weekly credits from Premium Wearables.

  • Event bonus: Get credits from attending casino events, winning giveaways, or partnership collaborations.

  • Tournament bonus: Get credits for participating in and/or winning tournaments.

All bonuses are subject to playthrough requirements. These requirements must be completed in full before you can withdraw.

Bonuses can't be used to play cash poker.

Playthrough Requirement

A playthrough requirement is the amount you need to bet before youโ€™re able to withdraw your bonus, original deposit used to claim a welcome bonus, or any winnings tied to the bonus.

DG Casino bonuses have a 1 to 1 playthrough requirement.

For example: If you get a 20 USDT bonus, you must complete 20 playthrough points.

Playthrough requirements stack if you activate multiple bonuses.

For example: If you have a 20 USDT bonus and activate another 20 USDT bonus, then you have a total of 40 playthrough points.

Playthrough Contribution Rates

Each game has a different playthrough contribution rate. See the table below.

GameBet AmountPlaythrough Contribution



1 playthrough point



1 playthrough point



1 playthrough point

For example: If you have a 20 USDT bonus then you'll need to complete 20 playthrough points. If you're playing blackjack, you'll need to bet a total of 700 USDT (20 x 35 USDT) to unlock your bonus.

Playthrough requirements and contribution rates are at the discretion of Decentral Games and may be updated anytime.

Debiting Accounts

When playing with an active bonus, deposits associated with the bonus are used first, followed by any bonus funds.

Playthrough Requirement Progress

You can track your bonus playthrough progress on your Casino Account page.

Once the playthrough requirement is met, the remaining deposit associated with the bonus, and the remaining bonus balance both become withdrawable.

Bonus Forfeiture

You can decide to forfeit your bonus anytime. After forfeiting a bonus, you'll be able to withdraw your remaining deposit.

Bonus forfeitures are non-reversible, and no exceptions will be made.

How to Activate Your Casino Bonus

Need help activating your bonus? Follow our video guide.

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