Please read and understand our Notice and Disclaimer before reading this document, and please note this document is subject to change as development progresses. is a DAO-governed metaverse casino powered by $DG. Players earn $DG rewards for playing games, LPs earn $DG for providing liquidity, and holders earn $DG for participating in governance of the casino house funds treasury.
The ecosystem is comprised of the following:
    dgTreasury - house funds contract that pools the casino's bankroll, and collects all fees (MANA and DAI) from games
    dgDAO - DAO wallet for cold storage of treasury
    dgRewards - gameplay rewards contract that distributes $DG to players
    dgLiquidity3 - liquidity contract that distributes $DG rewards for the ETH-DG Uniswap V2 pool to incentivize liquidity service providers
    dgGov - governance contract that requires $DG to be staked to participate in voting on various proposals for ecosystem improvements in order to receive $DG incentives.
To align ecosystem development with community interests, 62% of the $DG supply will be distributed to the community primarily to incentivize participation in gameplay, provision of liquidity, and governance rewards:
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