Decentral Games

Non-custodial, pseudo-anonymous, and provably fair 3D multiplayer casino games in virtual worlds.

Decentral Games develops real-time 3D multiplayer games playable with cryptocurrency on a layer 2 sidechain in Decentraland, a nascent decentralized virtual world governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Decentraland's digital economy consists of Ethereum assets, so players must have their native MANA cryptocurrency to participate. The Decentraland SDK enables developers to design engaging multiplayer experiences as players see one another's avatars and socialize while playing games together. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, virtual and social 3D casino gameplay improves drastically upon the typical 2D web-based online casino experience.

The Problem with DApps

Blockchain-based games provide players with pseudo-anonymity, decentralized custody, immediate payouts, and transparent odds, vastly improving upon the security and transparency of centralized, custodial gaming platforms. Yet, decentralized applications have ultimately failed to attract mainstream players.

Seasoned gamers are accustomed to seamless gameplay, immediate feedback and zero in-game fees. Unfortunately, blockchains do not have general UX layers incorporated at the base layer. Applications built on Ethereum alone are unable to rival centralized applications in usability. As a result, games building directly on the Ethereum Mainchain suffer from poor user experience.

  • Transactions are slow from Ethereum Mainchain wait times

  • Fees are expensive from gas costs for each transaction paid by the user

  • Gameplay is clunky due to Metamask signatures required for each in-game transaction

For players, speed, cost, and UX is paramount. Anything that falls short in these areas will lose the user's attention. Although these hurdles have prevented most mainchain Ethereum applications from garnering mainstream traction in the past, today novel technologies such as plasma and meta-transactions enable developers to alleviate these issues of user experience.

Our Solution

Decentral Games deploys all game and transactional logic on Matic's layer 2 sidechain and employs a meta-transactional architecture to provide instant transactions, eliminate gameplay fees, and remove in-game Metamask signatures altogether. This way, Decentral Games maintains the security and transparency advantages of decentralized gaming while delivering a seamless user experience that rivals centralized gaming.