Please note this document is subject to change as development progresses.

Q1 2021

  • ✅Add support for instant deposits to Matic to play games using Connext widget (instead of requiring 5 minutes to confirm using the Matic POS bridge)

  • ✅New website design featuring more detail on ecosystem, $DG token, roadmap, events, games and casinos

  • ✅Treasury governance activates to distribute rewards from fee accrual in games (when the community treasury reaches $500,000 USD

  • ✅ DG Governance forum at

Q2 2021

  • New Game: 6-player Texas Holdem Poker

  • Add support for USDT and ATRI to widen reach of players

  • Atari Casino launch!

  • Integration with more user friendly wallets for new player onboarding (enable new users to create an account with SMS or email rather than needing to manage private keys)

    Custom DEXT community poker lounge for their community to gather and play

  • Develop 5 private poker lounge NFTs for crypto projects who wish to have their own custom poker lounge

Q3 2021

  • New Game: Texas Holdem Poker - Tournament Mode

  • Charity crypto celebrity poker tournament

  • 30 LAND plot Cyberpunk-themed casino

  • Custom Gitcoin community poker lounge for their community to gather and play

  • New Game: Baccarat

Q4 2021

  • Update Slots game to include more themes and more variations of wheels

  • Mobile client to extend reach to larger amount of players

Q1 2022

  • New Game: Multiplayer Craps

Q2 2022

  • VR client to be the first VR Metaverse casino experience