Overview of Decentral Games' product development milestones
This Product Roadmap only includes major milestones. We'll continue to ship gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements which aren't included on the below roadmap.
You can also view this roadmap on the DG Product Roadmap page.
Product Roadmap

Q1 2021

  • ICE Poker Delegation Dashboard V1
  • Improved ICE Poker Wearable Minting Experience
  • xDG Airdrop to ICE Wearables Holders
  • Premium ICE Poker Guild Features
    • ICE Poker Player Lookup Tool
    • ICE Poker Name Your Guild and Players
    • Assign A Manager
  • Integration with Decentraland native client
  • ICE Dashboard with custom experience by status
  • Non-ICE accessory wearables mintable with ICE
  • ICE Poker Assigned Seating and Cooldown Period
  • Diamond Hands Exclusive Venue

Q2 2022

  • Native Mac Client beta
  • ICE Poker Advertisements
  • ICE Poker Mobile Alpha
    • DG Website Optimization for Mobile

Q3 2022

Gameplay Expansion & Economic Optimization

  • ICE Poker Flex Launch
  • Sit-n-Go Tournament Mode (Metaverse & Flex)
  • Revamped Delegation System
  • ICE Poker Player Leveling System

Q4 2022

Onboarding Upgrades & Ecosystem Growth

  • New User Onboarding Overhaul
  • Delegation Matching Marketplace
  • Guild Leagues
  • ICE Poker Free Play Rollout

Q1 2023

Gamification & Social Experiences

  • In-Game Chat & Social Features
  • Loot Boxes & Daily Challenge Lifelines v1
  • NFT Emotes
  • Native Marketplace


  • Native App
  • Multitable Tournaments
  • Private Room NFTs
  • Metaverse Expansions