Please note this document is subject to change as development progresses.

Q1 2021

  • ✅Add support for instant deposits to Matic to play games using Connext widget (instead of requiring 5 minutes to confirm using the Matic POS bridge)

  • ✅New website design featuring more detail on ecosystem, $DG token, roadmap, events, games and casinos

  • ✅Treasury governance activates to distribute rewards from fee accrual in games (when the community treasury reaches $500,000 USD

  • ✅ DG Governance forum at

Q2 2021

  • ✅New Game: 6-player Texas Holdem Poker

  • ✅Add support for ETH, USDT and ATRI gameplay in blackjack and roulette to widen reach of players

  • ✅Atari Casino launch featuring a live set and Decentraland sweater wearables NFT drop from Dillon Francis

  • ✅Develop npm package and master repo that updates all casino scenes with development updates in real time in order to seamlessly scale to dozens of casinos

  • ✅Add poker to npm package and integrate codebase to master repo, launch in Tominoya casino

  • ✅Add DG mining rewards to ETH and USDT gameplay, add to website gameplay rewards dashboard

  • ✅Develop new affiliate program that rewards referrers in the gameplay tokens of all players they bring on board as a % of their wagers

  • Website redesign with custom Connext deposit flow for better onboard

  • Poker with crypto-gameplay

  • BIG partnership announcement for cobranded casino!

Q3 2021

  • New Game: Cyberpunk slots

  • New Game: Texas Holdem Poker - Tournament Mode

  • Player rewards dashboard on account page of website

  • Charity crypto celebrity poker tournament

  • Custom Gitcoin community poker lounge for their community to gather and play

Q4 2021

  • New Game: Baccarat

  • Update Slots game to include more themes and more variations of wheels

  • Integration with Decentraland client for quicker rendering of scene content

Q1 2022

  • New Game: Multiplayer Craps

  • Mobile client to extend reach to larger amount of players

Q2 2022

  • VR client to be the first VR Metaverse casino experience