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Accepted Currencies



Blast, Ethereum, and Polygon


Ethereum and Polygon




Blast and Ethereum


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Current Cash Poker Tables

  • 0.25/0.5

    • Rake: 5%, max rake: 1 USDT

    • Min buy-in: 10 USDT

    • Max buy-in: 75 USDT

  • 0.5/1

    • Rake: 5%, max rake: 2 USDT

    • Min buy-in: 20 USDT

    • Max buy-in: 150 USDT

  • 1/2

    • Rake: 5%, max rake: 4 USDT

    • Min buy-in: 40 USDT

    • Max buy-in: 300 USDT

  • 50/100

    • Rake: 5%, max rake: 200 BAG

    • Min buy-in: 2K BAG

    • Max buy-in: 15K BAG

  • 100/200

    • Rake: 5%, max rake: 400 BAG

    • Min buy-in: 4K BAG

    • Max buy-in: 30K BAG

Casino Events

We host weekly competitions with big prizes. Come play, compete, and connect with people from around the world—all from the comfort of your own home.

Check our events calendar for all of our upcoming events.


Elevate your gaming experience with our various promotions.

  • 100% welcome bonus: Kick start your fun and get an instant 100% welcome bonus on your first crypto deposit: ICE, ETH, or USDT. Up to €400.

  • Cashback rewards: Earn up to 30% of the house edge in cashback on all of your bets, win or lose. Rewards stack in real-time and you can cash out instantly.

  • Referral program: Invite your friends and earn up to 45% of the house edge from every bet they make. Claim your rewards at any time with no fees or limits.

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