Governance Token

DG is a utility token used in the ICE Poker ecosystem. xDG is a corresponding governance token.
On ETH mainnet onsite, when you stake DG, you receive xDG, a token that represents your position in DAO Governance. Because xDG is and ERC-20 token transferable to different blockchains, community members can also enter a governance position via established liquidity on Polygon.
The initial rate of DG to xDG is 1:1, but as rewards are added, 1 xDG will be worth increasingly more DG.

Governance Process

Decentral Games governance proposals are submitted on Snapshot. This is where voting takes place as well. The xDG token acts as the governance instrument, enabling the community to vote on new game development, effectively allocate the treasury funds, and adjust ecosystem parameters in order to manage risk, as well as respond to changing market demands and conditions.
This makes the governance of the platform directly responsive to our most active users and brings Decentral Games closer to being a public good operated by the community members who value it most. DG holders who stake in the governance contract will be able to decide on:
  • ICE burn prices for all wearable ranks
  • DG prices for all wearable ranks
  • ICE bonuses for wearable ranks
  • DG activation price for ICE wearables
  • Challenges and difficultly variables
  • Leaderboard multipliers for each tier
  • Base player/owner splits
In order to submit a proposal on Snapshot, one must have 100k xDG. Proposals pass/fail via simple majority, but 10M xDG voting in favor is required to reach a quorum.

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