Decentral Games governance proposals are summoned on Snapshot. The $DG governance token, awarded to active players and LPs, acts as the governance instrument, enabling the community to vote on new game development, and effectively allocate the house funds and adjust ecosystem parameters in order to manage risk, as well as respond to changing market demands and conditions.
This makes the governance of the platform directly responsive to our most active users and brings closer to being a public good operated by the community members who value it most. $DG holders who stake in the governance contract will be able to decide on:
  • dgTreasury house funds risk allocation
  • $DG gameplay mining rewards and bonuses
  • $DG grants for new game development
  • approvals for new operators


As the community treasury accrues value in MANA and DAI (games currently are in MANA and DAI), probable strategies for allocation of funds through governance would be:
  1. 1.
    Direct investment into marketing campaigns that will bring in more players and expand the community;
  2. 2.
    Direct investment into new game to further provide value in fees or revenue for community treasury;
  3. 3.
    Buyback of $DG and distribution of $DG to governance participants vested over X months for each tranche;
  4. 4.
    Buyback of $DG and allocation of $DG to additional gameplay, liquidity, or governance rewards;
  5. 5.
    Direct distribution of MANA or DAI to $DG governance participants vested over X months.
$DG token holders may also vote to:
  • adjust maximum bets for each game
  • adjust minimum balance in MANA and DAI allocated for each game
  • allocate community development grants

Gameplay Rewards

$DG token holders may vote to adjust these gameplay rewards variables in response to market conditions:
  • MANA play-to-mine rate
  • DAI play-to-mine rate
  • Affiliate bonus
  • 2-player bonus
  • 3-player bonus
  • 4-player bonus
  • NFT wearable bonus

New Games

Community members may propose new games by submitting a proposal. $DG token holders may vote to approve the game and approve a grant to the developer. If approved, the game contract is deployed, authorized to connect with dgTreasury, and enjoys $DG gameplay rewards for its players.

New Operators

Community members may apply to be a new operator of a game by submitting a proposal. $DG token holders vote to approve the operator. If approved, the operator may connect their frontend to dgTreasury and the game contracts. As an incentive to provide this service to the ecosystem, operators receive an affiliate bonus of $DG based on a function of the volume they generate for the treasury.


Initial $DG governance parameters are as follows:
  • 1% of $DG circulating supply to submit a governance proposal
  • 15% of $DG circulating supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum
  • 4 day voting period
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