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Decentral Games

The online casino experience you've been searching for
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Note: This document is subject to change as development progresses.
(Last updated November 2023)
Welcome to the Decentral Games Casino: the first Metaverse casino.
No more hassles or exhausting trips—all the fun of a casino is now at your fingertips. With the click of a button, you can get an immersive online casino experience, play your favorite games with crypto, and attend live events from the comfort of your home.
Come get an online casino experience that you can’t find anywhere else.
The DG Casino

ICE Poker

Along with casino games, you can play ICE Poker: a Metaverse poker game where you win rewards, rare skins, digital collectibles, and high-ticket prizes such as MacBooks and iPhones.
Immerse yourself into the virtual world of Decentraland, or play the ICE Poker Arcade app on any mobile/desktop browser—no download needed.
To learn how to get started playing, check out our ICE Poker Beginner's Guide.
ICE Poker x DeLabs Metaverse Poker Night

Community Owned

Aside from redefining the online casino experience, the DG Casino is also the first community-owned casino where you directly benefit from its growth and have a say in the decision making.
Community members who hold $xDG tokens govern the Decentral Games treasury and help shape the future by proposing and voting on new features, game setting adjustments, and a wide range of other key decisions.
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