DG Distribution

1 billion $DG tokens were minted and will become accessible over the next 6 years.
62% to the community:
  • 33% to DG Treasury: DG Treasury tokens are vested into the DG Treasury. $xDG holders can vote on these token allocations.
  • 16% to ecosystem support: Ecosystem support tokens will be allocated to help develop new games and incentivize strategic partners to grow the Decentral Games ecosystem.
  • 9% to liquidity incentives: LPs receive $DG token incentives by providing early liquidity and staking their LP tokens. (Note: As of November 2021, all of these tokens have been emitted for rewards.)
  • 2% to governance rewards: $DG token holders can earn additional $DG by staking in the governance contract.
  • 2% to community airdrop: These tokens will be airdropped to active community members.
20% to DG team and future employees with 3-year linear vesting.
18% to early participants with 2-year linear vesting.