What is the DG token contract?

You can find the DG token contract here.

What is the ICE token contract?

You can find the ICE token contract on Polygon here.

Where can I trade DG and ICE?

You can trade DG on Uniswap and Quickswap, and you can trade ICE on QuickSwap.

How do I play and earn?

Step 1: Player Buys (or Receives Delegation for) ICE Wearable. A player purchases or receives delegation for an ICE Wearable. This enables the player to earn ICE from playing poker with Chips.
Step 2: Player Plays And Earns ICE By Playing Poker. Players use Chips to complete daily challenges and compete for ICE multipliers for placing in the daily leaderboard.
Step 3: Player Upgrades NFTs by burning ICE. Players upgrade their ICE Wearables by burning ICE. A higher ranked wearable yields a larger ICE bonus and a new, more exclusive look.

Which token(s) can I use to play and earn?

Initially, we will only support gameplay in Chips tokens to play and earn ICE. You receive a variable amount of Chips based on how many wearables you own or have delegated to you.

What are Chips?

Chips are off chain tokens given to each NFT holder to use to complete daily challenges and battle in the daily leaderboard.

How many Chips do I get?

Each player starts with a specific amount of Chips based on the amount of wearables they have equipped or delegated to them. Your Chips balance is reset each day at midnight UTC.
Wearable Count
3,000 Chips
3,500 Chips
4,000 Chips
4,500 Chips
5,000 Chips

How do I earn ICE rewards?

You can earn ICE by checking in (winning one hand) and completing your allocated daily challenges. You then may amplify these ICE rewards by performing well on the daily leaderboard through a positive performance multiplier.

When do I get ICE rewards?

You receive ICE rewards at the end of each day at midnight UTC. Your total ICE reward is based on your daily challenges amount times your performance multiplier based on your daily leaderboard percentile. These ICE rewards are claimable on the DG Account page.

What is a performance multiplier?

A performance multiplier is based on your daily performance with respect to all the other players. Your performance multiplier is determined by their daily percentile ranking in net profits, which are calculated as:
ScorePlayer=ChipsCurrentChipsStartingScore_{Player} = Chips_{Current} - Chips_{Starting}
This multiplier adds or subtracts to their total ICE payout at the end of each day.

What happens if I send an ICE Wearable to another address?

If you send an ICE Wearable to another address, then it must be reactivated for 2,500 ICE.