An overview of Native Guild Tools and Guild Leagues

Guild Tools

All ICE Poker guild owners have access to the Basic ICE Poker Guild management tools, and there will be a 1k xDG requirement per ICE wearable to gain access to premium ICE Poker Guild management tools.
For example, if a guild has only 2 wearables, they unlock all features with only 2,000 xDG; if a guild has 12 wearables, they must maintain a balance of 12,000 xDG to unlock all features.

Basic ICE Poker Guild Package

  • Able to mint during ICE Poker wearables drops (with current 1k xDG requirement)
  • Native delegation of ICE wearables
  • Trustless daily revenue share and payouts

Premium ICE Poker Guild Package

  • Delegation dashboard which allows you to (1) See historical performance per player, (2) Delegate and undelegate from the dashboard, and (3) View historical ICE earnings of your guild
  • Ability to name your guild and players
  • Access to ICE Poker player lookup tool to allow guild owners to see past performance of a player before delegating (in development)
  • Ability to add a manager to your guild who can view your delegation dashboard and make delegations/undelegations on your behalf (in development)
Additional premium features will be developed over time to further improve the ICE Poker guild management experience.

Guild Leagues

Based on your guild size and respective xDG stake, your guild can join an ICE Poker league, featuring month-long seasons with prizes distributed in xDG. To qualify for an ICE Poker league, you must meet the xDG staking requirement throughout the season.
5k xDG (5+ Players) - Fren League
  • 1st place: $2k in xDG
  • 2nd place: $1k in xDG
  • 3rd place: $500 in xDG
  • 4th place: $250 in xDG
  • 5th place: $100 in xDG
10k xDG (10+ Players) - Ape League
  • 1st place: $5k in xDG
  • 2nd place: $2.5k in xDG
  • 3rd place: $1.3k in xDG
  • 4th place: $700 in xDG
  • 5th place: $350 in xDG
25k xDG (25+ Players) - Chad League
  • 1st place: $10k in xDG
  • 2nd place: $5k in xDG
  • 3rd place: $3k in xDG
  • 4th place: $1.5k in xDG
  • 5th place: $750 in xDG
Note: We will not start distributing prizes until assigned seating is live.
Extra Chad League Feature: Submit name/logo to create custom non-ICE guild wearables (via a template for shirts, polos, jerseys, or hoodies) for 25k ICE, plus 500 ICE per wearable. Guild owners will be able to mint these for their players to wear to represent their guild during gameplay.
Each guild will receive a Guild Score calculated by:
Guild score = (net chips)/(number of wearables active)^0.9
Net chips = total net winnings of all the players within your guild within the season time frame Number of wearables active = maximum number of wearables active in your guild at any point during the season
The 5 top scoring guilds of each ICE Poker league will receive xDG prizes claimable at the end of the season.
  • You are removed from the league if you drop below the xDG staking requirement mid-season
  • You can join any league mid-season, but you can only join one league per season
  • If you join a league mid-season, your Guild Score is only based on the player data after you join