Gameplay Rewards

Gameplay mining enables players to mine $DG in return for playing games with $MANA or $DAI.

Gameplay mining rewards players with $DG for playing games with MANA or DAI. To start mining $DG, you must complete the following steps:

1. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet.

Metamask is a Chrome browser extension that will act as your cryptocurrency wallet for MANA and $DAI, and allows you to hold your assets to use in our games. If you have Chrome with the Metamask wallet extension installed, you can get it setup with the instructions below:

2. Get Matic MANA or DAI

Authorize the coin you wish to play with by clicking on the "enable MANA gameplay" or "enable DAI gameplay" button:

Then, to get Matic MANA or DAI you may purchase Matic MANA or Matic DAI with a debit card, or deposit mainchain MANA or DAI from your Metamask wallet or.

3. Approve treasury on Matic Network

Sign the prompted Metamask Signature Request to authorize the Treasury contract to play games with MANA or DAI.

Now you're ready to mine $DG!

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