Liquidity Incentives
Liquidity farming enables liquidity providers to farm $DG in return for providing liquidity in the ETH-DG Uniswap pool. In order to start farming $DG, you must complete the following steps:

1. Hold $ETH and $DG in your Metamask wallet

If you don't have any $DG you can purchase some here. To provide liquidity, you must have $ETH and $DG in your Ethereum Mainnet wallet.

2. Visit Uniswap pair ETH-DG and select "Add liquidity" in the top right, and fill in the amount you wish to deposit.

Then sign 2 transactions:
    $DG authorization
    Add liquidity to pool
Once you add liquidity in the pool, you will receive Uniswap-V2 ETH-DG LP tokens, and now you are ready to stake them to start farming $DG

3. Go to the $DG Liquidity Farming Dashboard and connect your wallet.

Enter the UNI-V2 ETH-DG amount you wish to stake, and select “Stake UNI-V2” on the pool that you provided liquidity to, and sign the transaction. Make sure to turn off any ad blocker extensions.

Now you’re farming!

As you accrue farming revenue in $DG, you may claim rewards by clicking the “Claim $DG” button on the left and signing the transaction. You may also withdraw your UNI-V2 ETH-DG tokens from the farming pool at any time to go retrieve your funds on Uniswap
After farming for any amount of time, you may claim the amount of $DG your liquidity farmed by selecting "Claim $DG" on the liquidity farming tab.
Last modified 7mo ago