What is Decentral Games?
Decentral Games is the first community-owned casino ecosystem powered by the $DG token. All games are built in Decentraland and on Matic Network's L2 using a novel meta-transactional architecture to deliver seamless, signatureless, and free in game transactions – all while maintaining open source logic and user custody of funds.
How are the games non-custodial and provably fair?
Players play games directly from their cryptocurrency wallets and therefore have custody of them while playing games. Anyone may audit any particular gameplay transaction and game logic code to verify fairness.
What is $DG?
$DG is an ERC20 governance token awarded to community members who provide value to the decentral.games ecosystem, such as playing games, providing liquidity, participating in governance, and referring new players. There will never be more than 1 million $DG.
How do I earn $DG?
You can earn $DG by:
  • Gameplay rewards: You can mine $DG by playing games with MANA or DAI and bonuses are given to players as an incentive to play in groups of up to four per table. The bigger the group, the higher the % allocated to each player.
  • Liquidity incentives: You can farm $DG by providing liquidity in the 98/2 MANA/DG and/or DAI/DG balancer pools, and staking the balancer pool token (BPT) here.
  • Governance rewards: You can earn additional $DG by staking your $DG up in our governance contract and voting on proposals.
  • Affiliate bonus: Anyone playing using your affiliate link mines $DG for you at 10% the normal rate in addition to their earned $DG
Where can I trade $DG?
What is Decentraland?
Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world governed by its users through a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and hosted on several nodes worldwide. Users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

What is Matic Network?

Matic Network is an account-based plasma Layer 2 built on Ethereum that delivers 1-2 second transactional finality with 1/100th of the gas cost.


What games are available?
  1. 1.
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What casinos are there?
Can I play without crypto?
Yes, there is a free play version of all the games.

Gameplay Mining (play-to-earn)

What does “gameplay mining” mean?
Gameplay mining is a novel mechanism that gives $DG tokens to players based on their wager amount.

Affiliate (Referral) Program

How do affiliate rewards work?
We reward DG evangelists with a percentage of all wagers placed by the new players they bring onboard. The percentage of their wagers the referrer receives varies by game, but it's ~10% of the house edge for each game, and it is paid in the token of the referees’ gameplay.
Is there a time limit or vesting period on the rewards?
No, you earn these rewards for as long as your referee continues playing, there is no time limit for your referee to start playing, and your earnings are transferred to you instantly after every gameplay!
How do I get my referral link?
To find your unique referral link, log onto your Decentral Games account using your Metamask wallet, press the Decentral Games “My Account” button in the top right of the screen, and select “referrals” from the list, and start sharing with your friends!


What does “farming” mean?
Liquidity farming gives $DG to LPs for providing liquidity in $DG pairs:
How do I farm $DG?
For details on how to farm $DG, see How to Farm $DG.


What does “governing” mean?
By staking $DG, you may vote on important decisions to shape the future of the $DG ecosystem:
  • dgTreasury house funds (MANA and DAI profits)
  • $DG gameplay mining rates and bonuses
  • $DG grants for new game development
  • approvals for new operators
How do proposals get summoned and pass?
Governance in the decentral.games ecosystem features the following rules:
  1. 1.
    1% of $DG total supply is required to submit a governance proposal
  2. 2.
    4% of $DG supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum
  3. 3.
    7 day voting period
How do I vote?
All $DG governance token holders may stake their $DG using the governance dashboard and make and vote on proposals on the decentral.games Snapshot dashboard. If a vote is passed to allocate fees to governance participants, only those who are participating in governance will receive rewards.



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