Overview of the Decentral Games' treasury
The Decentral Games treasury is used to fund initiatives that contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.


The treasury contains a variety of crypto assets, including:
  • Tokens such as $DAI, $ETH, $MATIC, $MANA, $DG, and $ICE
  • Decentraland $LAND
  • LP tokens such as DG-ETH, DG-MATIC, ICE-USDC


Additionally, the treasury receives revenue generated by the Decentral Games ecosystem, such as:
  • Casino games
  • Metaverse advertising
  • Polygon validator node rewards
  • ICE Poker wearable sales, activations, and upgrades
  • DEX trading fees

Treasury Dashboard

To view the treasury and revenue breakdown in real-time, visit the DG Treasury dashboard.
Decentral Games Treasury Dashboard