Help shape the future of Decentral Games
The Decentral Games ecosystem is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
In simple terms, the ecosystem is owned and managed by the community. Community members who hold $xDG tokens can help shape the future of Decentral Games by proposing and voting on key decisions. Instead of a central authority, power is distributed across all token holders and every member has a say in the decision-making.

$xDG Token

The $xDG token is a governance token that represents your share of ownership of the Decentral Games ecosystem. Your voting power and share of governance rewards are proportional to the amount of $xDG tokens you hold.
For a walkthrough on how to get $xDG, check out our guide.

How Can You Participate?

You can suggest, vote on, and determine key decisions such as treasury fund allocations, new game features, and game adjustments.
Treasury Fund Allocations
How should the DG DAO use its treasury?
Help make financial decisions such as buying or selling assets, funding initiatives, and allocating revenue.
Examples of treasury proposals:
New Game Features
Have ideas for new features?
Suggest your ideas such as game modes, reward systems, and additions to venues.
Examples of new game feature proposals:
Game Adjustments
Is there a game feature that’s not balanced?
Give your feedback and help improve ICE Poker such as adjusting reward splits, challenges, leaderboard multipliers, wearable bonuses, and wearable activation fees.
Examples of game adjustment proposals:

Governance Proposal Process

For an idea to be implemented, there are three phases in the process:
  • Phase 1: Forum Discussion
  • Phase 2: Proposal Submission
  • Phase 3: Proposal Voting
Phase 1: Forum Discussion
We have a Governance Forum and Governance Discussion channel in our Discord where DG DAO members can discuss ideas and proposals.
To comment in this forum, you'll need to hold a minimum of 100 $xDG. To make a post, you'll need to hold a minimum of 10,000 $xDG.
Before submitting a formal proposal, it’s recommended to post your idea in the forum to gauge interest and gather feedback.
Phase 2: Proposal Submission
After gathering initial feedback, you can submit your proposal on Snapshot.
To submit a proposal, you must hold a minimum of 100,000 $xDG. If you don’t have enough $xDG then another community member can submit it on your behalf.
Proposals are recommended to follow this format:
  • Title: A short, clear, descriptive title.
  • Background: Information on why the proposal is needed.
  • Proposal: Details of what you’re proposing.
  • Rationale: Reasoning for the proposal and the intended outcome.
Here’s an example template that you can edit to create a correctly structured proposal.
You’ll also need to set a voting period when submitting your proposal. A typical voting period is 5 to 7 days.
Phase 3: Proposal Voting
All voting takes place on Snapshot. Proposals are passed by a majority vote with a minimum threshold of 10M $xDG voting in favor.
Community members may vote themselves or delegate their voting power to another person of their choice. To delegate your voting power, check out Snapshot’s guide.

View Proposals

To vote on or view proposals, visit Snapshot.