ICE Allocation

100% of the supply of ICE is allocated for community incentives, gameplay liquidity, and DEX liquidity. The only way to earn ICE is to play poker with Chips, wager with ICE, or purchase on an exchange.


90,000,000 ICE will be minted into the DG Treasury and iceKeeper contract for Play-to-Earn rewards. This ICE will be distributed to players who complete daily challenges with Chips. Once this initial allocation runs out, the iceKeeper balance will be topped up.

Gameplay Liquidity

10,000,000 ICE will be minted and added to the DG Treasury hot wallet for the purpose of handling wagers in ICE. All ICE profits above this amount will be burned for additional deflationary pressure.

DEX Liquidity

50,000,000 ICE will be minted and added to the DG Treasury for the purpose of providing perpetual liquidity in a ICE-USDC Quickswap pool on Polygon. ETH from initial Wearable NFT sales will be converted to USDC, combined with ICE, and put into this ICE-USDC Quickswap pool. The DG DAO Treasury will hold these LP tokens.