Q1 2021

  • New website design featuring more detail on ecosystem, DG token, roadmap, events, games and gaming venues
  • Treasury governance activates
  • DG Governance forum at

Q2 2021

  • New Game: 6-player Texas Holdem Poker
  • Atari venue launch featuring a live set and Decentraland sweater wearables NFT drop from Dillon Francis
  • Develop npm package and master repo that updates all scenes with development updates in real time in order to seamlessly scale to dozens of casinos
  • Add poker to npm package and integrate codebase to master repo, launch in Tominoya
  • Website redesign with custom Connext deposit flow for better onboard
  • BIG partnership announcement for cobranded gaming venues

Q3 2021

  • New Game: Texas Holdem Poker - Tournament Mode
  • Partner Venue: Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Partner Venue: DEXTools
  • Partner Venue: Aquarium
  • Expand community support for Spanish, Korean, Chinese communities

Q4 2021

  • Strategic Partnerships: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Decentraland, Tron and APENFT
  • DG x Amnesia Ibiza SuperClub
  • New Game: ICE Poker
  • Native NFT Delegation and Revenue Sharing
  • DG Token Redenomination (1:1000)
  • Governance V2 with auto-staking of rewards

Q1 2022

  • ICE Poker Delegation Dashboard V1
  • Improved ICE Poker Wearable Minting Experience
  • xDG Airdrop to ICE Wearables Holders
  • Premium ICE Poker Guild Features
    • ICE Poker Player Lookup Tool
    • ICE Poker Name Your Guild and Players
    • Assign A Manager
    • ICE Poker Guild Leaderboards
    • ICE Poker Guild Leagues with Prizes
  • Integration with Decentraland native client
  • ICE Dashboard with custom experience by status
  • Non-ICE accessory wearables mintable with ICE
  • ICE Poker Assigned Seating and Cooldown Period
  • ICE Poker Advertisements
  • Diamond Hands Exclusive Venue
  • ICE Poker Mobile
    • DG Website Optimization for Mobile
    • ICE Poker Mobile Beta opened to community
    • First Mobile Drop in ICE
  • Native Decentral Games NFT Marketplace in ICE