Gasless and singatureless in-game transactions.

Decentral Games uses meta-transactions to deliver free and signature-less in-game transactions for players. This way, players don't need to pay gas nor sign a Metamask popup for every in-game transaction and instead enjoy a seamless in-game experience.


The meta-transaction architecture for the first authorization of the Decentral Games smart contracts on Matic is done through the Biconomy dashboard. Biconomy is a relayer infrastructure network and transaction platform enabling reduced friction between blockchain applications and end-users. The following diagram is from the Biconomy site to display the moving parts of a meta-transaction architecture:

Decentral Games capitalizes a proxy relayer contract with MATIC tokens to pay the Matic gas costs that enable each player's authorization transaction. This way, once the user deposits funds to Matic, they do not need to worry about paying gas.

In-game transactions

A player may make hundreds of transactions in a single session in a casino. Gas costs for this amount of gameplay could be over $30 per session on the Ethereum mainchain and $0.03 on Matic. Despite being much cheaper on Matic, it is still cumbersome for the user to have to accumulate MATIC coins if they otherwise would not hold the coin, especially for a game in MANA. To create an optimal in-game user experience, Decentral Games pays the gas in MATIC coin on behalf of players for in-game transactions.

Furthermore, one hundred transactions normally would mean one hundred signatures in one hundred Metamask popups. Meta-transactions enable us to preauthorize future transactions in order to deliver a smooth, signatureless in-game experience.