ICE Wearables

ICE Wearables enable players to earn ICE by completing daily challenges playing poker with Chips. Players may view, buy, and delegate their iced NFT wearables on the DG Account page:

Obtaining an ICE Wearable

The DG Team distributes ICE Wearables to the community though drops conducted on the DG Marketplace:
You may also obtain an ICE Wearable on our secondary marketplace, OpenSea:


If you mint directly from the DG Marketplace, there is no activation fee. However, if you purchase an ICE Wearable from OpenSea or transfer an ICE Wearable to a new address, activation costs 2,500 ICE.


ICE wearable holders may delegate their NFT to a player who wants to play and earn for a revenue split of ICE rewards. The default is 60% ICE to the player and 40% ICE to the NFT owner, and the split increasingly favors the owner as they upgrade the wearable to higher ranks. XP is distributed only to the owner of the NFT.
An ICE wearable owner delegates to a player by entering their ETH address from the ICE Wearables page of Decentral Games website. Delegation may be assigned individually for each wearable.

Upgrading ICE Wearables

ICE Wearable bonuses give players additional ICE based on top of their base ICE rewards earned through completing daily challenges. A higher wearable rank corresponds to a higher ICE Bonus, and for each challenge successfully completed per day the player receives some XP. To upgrade a NFT wearable rank, the player must burn the adequate amount of ICE and XP, pay 100 DG, and burn the old NFT.

ICE Bonus

When a wearable is upgraded, it receives an ICE bonus value within a respective range:
Minting Fee
ICE Bonus
Rank 1
tbd ETH or ICE
+ 1 - 7%
Rank 2
100 DG
Burn 5,000 ICE
50 XP
+ 8 - 15%
Rank 3
100 DG
Burn 7,500 ICE
75 XP
+ 16 - 24%
Rank 4
100 DG
Burn 10,000 ICE
100 XP
+ 25 - 34%
Diamond Hands
100 DG
Burn 12,500 ICE
125 XP
+ 35 - 45%
If a wearable is transferred to another address, it must be reactivated for 500 DG.

Exclusive Poker Tournaments

Decentral Games will host highly exclusive poker freeroll tournaments for Diamond Hands Wearables holders with crypto prizes that do not require an entry fee.