🎰 Slots

Decentral Games slots are skin-able machines featuring three spinning reels each with four icons. There are three separate clickable buttons facing the player that indicate different wager amounts.


To play, a player clicks one of the three buttons. Current buttons are:

  • MANA gameplay: 10 MANA, 20 MANA, and 50 MANA

A click on any of the buttons initiates a spin on the machine displayed in the client and sends bet parameters to the slots smart contract on Matic. After the smart contract produces a result, the outcome is sent back to be displayed in the player's client and the payouts are administered to the player's address in the event of a win.

House Edge

Each machine contains three reels with four possible outcomes represented by icons. Of these four icons, the probability it lands on each are 40%, 30%, 20%, and 10%. The jackpots are:



3 icon #4 matched on the pay line

4x bet amount

3 icon #3 matched on the pay line

8x bet amount

3 icon #2 matched on the pay line

15x bet amount

3 icon #1 matched on the pay line

250x bet amount

After 1000 plays, the expected payout is 842x the initial bet amount, so the house edge is 15.8%, minus the Matic gas fees paid by the house.

Source Code

You may view our slots smart contract here.