♥️ Roulette

Decentral Games roulette is standard European Roulette, featuring single bet numbers 1-36, black/red, odd/even, high/low, columns and rows. There is also a variant with a floating wheel that displays the spin and outcome in addition to the table wheel.

The current maximum bet per square is 1000 MANA, which may be raised through a parameter in the roulette game contract in the future. The current max number of bets per table is 36 bets.

Decentral Games Roulette, in Tominoya [-120,135]


To play, a player must select a chip(s) amount by clicking on the floating glowing chips across the table. Before placing a bet, a player may select one or more chips to add up to the sum of the bet they wish to place on the table. Chip values are:

1st Chip

2nd Chip

3rd Chip

4th Chip




100 MANA

500 MANA


0,5 DAI

2,5 DAI

10 DAI

50 DAI

After picking up the desired bet amount, a player places a bet by clicking on the appropriate square on the table. As the spin is initiated, the client sends a transaction featuring the bet parameters determined by the player's chips on the table to the roulette smart contract on Matic. The smart contract produces a result and sends the outcome back to be displayed to the player in the client, administering a payout in the event of a win to the player's address.

Single vs. Multiplayer

During single player mode (which is default if there are no other players at a table), the player must click on the wheel to initiate the wheel spin. This way the player is able to play at his/her own pace rather than waiting for a timer.

During multiplayer mode (when there are two or more players that have clicked into the game), a countdown of 15 seconds is initiated when any player places a bet on the table. This allows for anyone else in the game adequate time to place their bets to be included on that same spin.

House Edge

The wheel has 37 total outcomes, 0 through 36 featuring only a single zero. For each type of bet, the corresponding payout is based on its respective odds:



Black, Red, Odd, Even, High, Low

2x bet amount

Columns (1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12), Rows (the 2-1s)

3x bet amount

Singles (0-36)

36x bet amount

A player may place any combinations of these bets to hedge their odds as they wish. The house edge is 1/37, or 2.70%, on all bets minus the blockchain gas fees paid by the house.

Source Code

You may view our roulette smart contract here.