Decentral Games backgammon is standard backgammon game featuring two players. At the start of each game, the player agree upon and place a wager that capitalizes a pot to be paid out to the winner minus a fee at the end of the game. The current minimum bet is 10 MANA, and the wager may be raised by clicking on the doubling cube throughout the game.


To play, the first player must select a chip(s) amount by clicking on the floating glowing chips across the table. Chip values are:
After the first player selects the initial bet amount, the second player confirms and the game commences. The dice auto roll for each player's turn, and the match continues until one of the players moves off all their pieces from the board, or "bears off". The game smart contract then sends the wager pot minus a fee to the winner and the result is displayed to both players in the client.

Doubling Cube

Each player may initially use the doubling cube and the opposing player much accept the doubling of the wager or forfeit the match. However, once one player uses the cube, the players much alternate turns in order to continue to double the wager.


The house takes a 10% fee on the total pot at the end of the game.

Source Code

You may view our backgammon smart contract here.
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