Transactional architecture that enables instant, free, and signatureless gameplay.

Decentral Games logic is open source and deployed publicly in smart contracts on Matic Network, and all games playable in the Decentraland client for free and with cryptocurrency.

How Our Games Work

Each game is initiated with a player's client sending bet parameters game, bet type, coin id , and amount to the Decentral Games server, which sends transactions to the appropriate game smart contract on Matic Network. Anyone may view the Matic block explorer to examine the game logic in solidity.

In order to pair players in the event of a multiplayer game, the Decentral Games server joins them and sends the transaction to the blockchain featuring all players' parameters together. Upon receiving the transaction, the smart contract determines the outcome of the game, sends this data back to the server to be displayed in each player's client, and administers payouts appropriately to each player's address.

Decentral Games vs. Traditional Ethereum DApps

Just like any other Ethereum DApp, Decentral Games allows players to play with funds directly from their Metamask wallet. Decentral Games never takes custody of user funds, and players can always move it to and from Matic even in the event Decentral Games shuts down. Unlike most Ethereum DApps, Decentral Games delivers instant, free, and signatureless gameplay.

Below is a comparison between Decentral Games and traditional mainchain Ethereum gaming DApps.

Decentral Games

Ethereum DApps

Transaction Speed

1-2 seconds

10-15 seconds

Transaction Fees


$0.10-0.30 per tx

Metamask popups in-game



Transactional Throughput

16,000 tps

15 tps




To speed up and reduce fees for in-game transactions, Decentral Games smart contracts are deployed on a layer 2 architecture called Matic Network, and to deliver free and signatureless gameplay, Decentral Games uses meta-transactions.